My fascination for art, design, and technology shapes my empathetic approach in understanding people, what makes them tick, and using their stories to create experiences that truly resonate with them.

As a classically trained violinist for over 20 years, IĀ consider music to be my first language. As an introvert, I leverage the inclusive nature of art and music as an outlet to tell engaging stories without a need for words. I approach life with an open mind and ear, and my eagerness to make meaningful connections with people through design motivates my drive for more and "better" in everything I do.

On the side, I like getting involved in community-driven initiatives to broaden my perspective and meet inspiring people. You'll spot some of my design work at Product Buds and (coming soon) at The Piano League.

When I'm not busy obsessing over pixels, I'm probably spending time outside with my two dogs, Shiro and Miya, or trying out a new dessert recipe!