Hey, I'm Mari!

I'm a designer with a background in music and marketing

I've always had a strong interest in pursuing creative work that positively impacts people, whether it was performing for audiences without access to live music within my community, or in the digital space as a marketer and self-taught designer in the non-profit arts.

This desire led to my transition into UX design, where my experience exploring different career paths have helped shape my empathetic approach to understanding people and building digital experiences that truly resonate with them.


I enjoy getting involved in community-driven organizations whose missions revolve around inclusivity and accessibility. I get to put my new skills to work while meeting inspiring people, making an impact, and having fun!

I'm currently splitting my free time between Product Buds, a community connecting over 2,600 aspiring product managers to opportunities and resources in PM, and YPCommunities, a Seattle-based network bridging the gap between young professionals and their community through virtual and in-person events.

Outside of design

When I'm not busy obsessing over pixels, you'll find me at the beach with my dogs, Shiro and Miya, watching crime documentaries, reading nonfiction (Carreyrou's "Bad Blood" is a favorite), or testing out a new dessert recipe.

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